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 A letter to Filipe, from his dearest mother.

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PostSubject: A letter to Filipe, from his dearest mother.   Sun Sep 13, 2009 11:48 pm

My dearest son, Phillip.

It has come to my humble attention that your most precious and holy lands are being governed by commoners. Whilst their skills may be broad how can one respect nobles if they are forced to be governed by those no better than themselves.

Your father also has plans for the English Queen, as beautiful as she is to marry your "brother" if you can call him that. He also intends to make him a King. I say this to you not in my own anguish but for the tranquility and repose of your kingdom which does and always has meant so much to me.

Your everloving mother,

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A letter to Filipe, from his dearest mother.
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