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 A Letter to Don Juan, From His Father

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Charles V
Holy Roman Emperor

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PostSubject: A Letter to Don Juan, From His Father   Sat Sep 12, 2009 7:54 am

My dear Son,
I am pleased to inform you I have entered into negotiations for your marriage to the most estimable lady, the Queen of England. You will surely find her most charming and pleasing to the eye. When the marriage is solemnized, I shall create you King of the Canary Islands. The good Queen has agreed to help our cousin Christina, the Dowager Duchess Lorraine and Milan claim the thrones which are most rightly hers, and in exchange for her assistance in this enterprise, I shall also award you Naples.

When you come to court, I would suggest you bring one of the Titians. The curators will help you chose the most appropriate one as a gift. Also, her grace is most fond of all things nautical, and of Turkish Delights. You may wish to capture a galley or two for her.

Your loving father,
Carolus Imperator

Plus ultra
Holy Roman Emperor, King of the Byzantines, King of Aragon, King of Castile and Léon, King of the Romans, King of Naples and Sicily, King of Jerusalem, King of Italy, Archduke of Austria, Duke of Burgundy, Duke of Athens, Duke of Brabant, Duke of Guelders, Duke of Luxembourg, Duke of Limburg, Duke of Lothier, Margrave of Namur, Count of Artois, Count of Charolais, Count of Flanders, Count of Hainault, Count of Holland, Count of Zeeland, Lord of Tyrol, Sovereign of the Golden Fleece.
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A Letter to Don Juan, From His Father
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