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 Items belonging to Marie Stuart

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Elizabeth Tudor
Queen Regnant

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PostSubject: Items belonging to Marie Stuart   Wed Sep 09, 2009 8:43 pm

Found this interesting article on Marie Stuart's belongings, mainly her jewels and what befell them:


I was delighted to realise that her jewels adorn the present day crown jewels, a little unimpressed by Elizabeth (which is, well, a first for me!)... and I wondered if the pearls were the ones gifted to Elizabeth by the Earl of Leicester. Seeing as he was there for the viewing of them and they passed into Elizabeth's posession.

Also loved the bit at the end about her harp.

Our 'Marie Stuart' is softening me to the Queen of Scots and I may have to start going to see all of her wonderous belongings and embroideries now rather than huffing and storming past them as I usally do.

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Items belonging to Marie Stuart
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