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 Correspondance between England and Scotland

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Sir Nicholas of Rhodes
Marquis of Pembroke

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Join date : 2009-08-10
Location : Kenilworth Castle

PostSubject: Re: Correspondance between England and Scotland   Wed Sep 02, 2009 1:23 am

To Queen Elizabeth I

The titles are a gift of my wife who wulds have me be a gentleman of much worth on my own and not solely be the crown our wedding shall place upon on my head. Tis a bit much, but my Marie does nothing in small measure.

I do hath trouble remembering to use them and do hope I hath not forgotten one, I wuld loathe to offend her kindness to me.

I shall remain on land at your council and fullfill what role I can for the good of both our realms.

Marquis of Pembroke
Earl of Moray
Earl of Bothwell
Duke of Chaterhault
Earl of Lethington


Est sularus oth mithas [My honor is my life]
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Marie Stuart
Queen Regnant

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Age : 33
Location : Leith, Scotland

PostSubject: Re: Correspondance between England and Scotland   Thu Sep 17, 2009 8:12 pm

To Queen Elizabeth of England, my dearest cousin, most beloved sister and fellow Queen.

My dearest cousin, I have seen it fit to replace my aging Ambassador Bishop Leslie as he is suffering most terribly from the gout. I have chosen a man who may or may not be familiar to you, Nicholas' brother Richard. In face and form he is incredible dashing and should provide a wonderful addition to your court and in mind he is clever and charming. I have sent him with 5,000 pounds which should more than pay for his expenses, but I would be much grateful if you could find for him a dancing instructor.

She's a maneater
Make you work hard
Make you spend hard
Make you want all of her love
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Correspondance between England and Scotland
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