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 Haunted or no?

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Lady Margaret Radcliffe

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PostSubject: Haunted or no?   Wed Nov 17, 2010 4:06 pm

Young Mistress Margaret (I incorrectly styled her as "Lady", she should be Mistress Margaret Radcliffe, actually), having recently arrived to the splendid and glamorous court of Queen Elizabeth I, is unpacking her belongings in the room she shares with the other Maids of Honour. There is a beautiful cream and oyster blue gown that her brother Alexander has sent her as a welcome present, some other personal belongings; shoes, stockings other garments, ornaments for her hair, a wax cocoon of violet and mint sweets that she has made for the Queen, and she is now taking out her lute and softly tuning it. She is happy, a bit apprehensive, for she still knows not many here and is unsure of whom to confide in, but already she is struck by the superb wit and intellect of the Queen, and is to see throughout her short life, how big the Queen's heart is also. For now, she is picking a very pretty slow tune from the lute. Starts to sing a light country air, and after a few notes, stops siging as she hears a new voice join in. Tis a beautiful clear voice, confident, merry, full of joie de vivre, singing along.
Margaret stops, puzzled, yet delighted to hear anoher voice. Where is is coming from? Is there another in the room? She looks around. Starts singing again, and then the voice joins in once more.
Margaret stops again, looks up. Sings a few notes more, the voice joins in!
"Bother!" she snorts, puts fown the lute and walks around a bit. She sings as she walks, and the voice starts again!!
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Haunted or no?
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