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 Young James of Scotland

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Sir Nicholas of Rhodes
Marquis of Pembroke

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PostSubject: Young James of Scotland   Fri Jan 08, 2010 3:11 pm

(OOC: "Marie" I know as always you will want to take up the part of your son, I will try to pop on this afternoon from work for a bit (I love my job lol) but if not we can play this out tomorrow when I get back .)

(OOC 2: I would like the first couple posts to be private conversation if its cool, then after that anyone can join in Smile )

*With purpose Nicholas makes his way to the nursery. He enters to find young James of Scotland finishing his lessons for the day. Nicholas excuses the nurse and sits down beside the boy who he has come to love as his own son*

Hello James, are you doing better in your lessons since our little talk last week?

*Nicholas smiles gazing at the boy fondly. He wonders how much James knows about the current situation. A smart boy, he must be wondering who this new comer is to the castle, and surely he must sense the tension all around. He hoped he was not over steping his place but he wished to ensure the boy was alright and answer any questions he might have. But most of all he wished James to know that no matter what happened he would always love him as his own son and would be there for him. *


Est sularus oth mithas [My honor is my life]
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Henry, Lord Darnley


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PostSubject: Re: Young James of Scotland   Mon Apr 25, 2011 2:21 am

*The door swings open, and Henry finds himself face to face with Nicholas*

Your Grace. What are you doing here? *Henry crosses the room, and crouches in front of James* How are you, Jamie? Are you well?

I said, what are you doing here, Pembroke? If you have laid a hand on my son, I will have your head on the block, even if you are Mary's favourite.

*Holds out a hand for James to take* Jamie. Come.
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Young James of Scotland
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