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 To My Most Noble Brother

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Juan de Austria
Prince Consort

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PostSubject: To My Most Noble Brother   Sat Oct 10, 2009 9:16 am

To His Majesty Philip, King of Spain et cetera,
I beg you, with all brotherly love and submission of a servant to his master, to not be angered by my courtship of Elizabeth Queen of England, as it was arranged by our Imperial father for the benefit both of thy realms and shipping and far less importantly for my own happiness- which is of course secondary to the benefits which may accrue to you and Spain if my suit is accepted. I beg you further to agree to our father's gift to me of the Crown of Naples, as you already have intrusted its naval security to me with excellent results, and having the title of King will make my lowly station of birth more acceptable to Her Majesty of England. If that is unacceptable I beg you to consider the Duchy of Milan, which of course is in nearly perpetual strife and I am sure you would be well rid of it, or I could conquer Tunis and hold it in fief to you.
Ever your servant,
Your unworthy brother,
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To My Most Noble Brother
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