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 A private discussion betwixt Marie & Walsingham

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Francis Walsingham

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Location : the White Tower

PostSubject: A private discussion betwixt Marie & Walsingham   Mon Sep 21, 2009 7:53 am

*Walsingham bows before Marie, understanding that no matter what his own personal views, he is stood afore a Queen in her own lands, and must act with Elizabeth's wishes in mind.*

Good eve my lady. Tis clear that you and I are not friends and likely never will be, but my good Queen Elizabeth hast instructed that I assist thee with certain matters. I wudst carry out her wish with full haste if you would let me as our spending time together is clear distasteful to us both.

We are already hiding thine marrital status with with the Marquis of Pembroke on my good lady's request, in case future problems are posed as concerns his... condition. All who know of thine betrothal are those known personally to thee. All correspondance that doth leave either England or Scotland has passed through my hands and measures have been taken to ensure the safety of thine betrothed and his secret.

It hath now come to our attention that thou art with child, and for the safety of the child and it's father my Queen hath instructed me to find ways to conceal thine pregnancy and protect thine child.

I promise I will have no harm come to thee while my task is carried out.

You have but to say and my services as regards this matter are at thine disposal.
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Marie Stuart
Queen Regnant

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PostSubject: Re: A private discussion betwixt Marie & Walsingham   Mon Sep 21, 2009 11:15 pm

*Marie is absolutely infuriated at the sight of Elizabeth's spymaster, but out of her training nothing shows but happiness and docility*.

Might first I say, monsieur Walsingham that your presence is an honor, almost as much as meeting my dear cousin herself. And I thank you both for taking such myriad cares over our safety. Although I feel secure in my throne and of my dear cousin's goodwill her concern for my safety is touching and shall not be forgotten.

But I fear I have no need of your help as of yet. I am only a week or so gone and am easily able to hide myself. As long as I am married with due haste no problem there shall be. Though, may I repeat, the concern of both of you is deeply touching.

She's a maneater
Make you work hard
Make you spend hard
Make you want all of her love
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A private discussion betwixt Marie & Walsingham
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